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Grass track racing has featured in the Club's portfolio since the very beginning. Broome Park was a favourite venue in the 1960's but after initiatives by members Malcolm Gee and Geoff Brett the Club hit the "big time" with its Bonanza meetings at Pensax in the 1970's. Big names such as Ivan Mauger, Peter Collins, Michael Lee, Chris Morton , the Baybutts and Julian Wigg were seen on Bewdley's sweeping ovals.

Whilst some refer to it as "Track Racing" the clue is in the real name of the game - grasstrack - and Bewdley continues to fly the flag at its venue at Alveley, between Kidderminster and Bridgnorth.
Contact: Lee Hazelwood, 07885 249552


2014 Bonanza pictures by Paul Hooper

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Grasstrack Fixtures 2016

Grasstrack sub-Committee
Meeting on Thursday 1st september at The Queen's Head, Wolverley, at 8.15pm


Volunteers are needed to help with the pit box, lap-scoring and rider liaison. If you can help please contact Meeting Secretary Anita Perkins at bewdleymotorcycleclub@aol.com on 07718 767045 or
Phil Perkins at philprkns@aol.co.uk, 07818 292851.
ALSO: help needed on Saturday/Sunday 24/25 September at Lowe's Farm for track building etc. Help from 10am both days. Thanks

Available classes are as follows:
250cc, 350cc, 500cc, pre-75 solos, 500cc and 1000cc sidecars. Also available will be motocross (open cc), quads and scooters. Youth classes will also be available depending on entries.


 adult practice: 10.00-11.00
 youth practice: 11.00-11.30
First race: 12.00 noon

NOTE - These are revised Regulations published 28 August 2016

Regulations -ADULTS